Early Treatment

Are you a qualified client for McFadden Orthodontics?

Here at McFadden Orthodontics, we serve a variety of patients that require different orthodontic treatments. Many believe that orthodontics is merely fixing the aesthetics behind a smile, but in most cases we come across that is not necessarily the only thing we fix. A variety of the patients that come into our practice have malocclusions (another word for misaligned bites). These malocclusions come from misaligned bites and crooked teeth which can affect more than just your smile, but also your chewing, brushing, and self-image. Here at McFadden Orthodontics, we believe that a good smile and symmetrical jaw alignment can affect more than just the way others see you; it can affect your eating and hygiene habits as well.

When is it appropriate to start orthodontic treatment and why is this time so crucial?

Orthodontic care can utilized at any age, but the optimal time to begin treatment is around the ages of 7-9 or at the first sign of orthodontic. Seeking orthodontic care during this time frame will ensure the greatest results and will require less time and money. By receiving treatment at this age, it can give the patient a better idea of when they should seek treatment or determine if the patient needs orthodontic care at all.

Receiving an exam between the ages of 7-9 is crucial to oral development because the first adult molars that establish the back bite erupt at this age. Orthodontic evaluation performed by our highly trained doctor can help determine the front-to-back and side-to-side oral relationships. These initial observations assist our orthodontist in preventing any formation of an under or overbite.

How can interceptive treatment be advantageous?

Interceptive treatments can give direct results such as:

  • Creating the appropriate room needed for erupting teeth
  • Maintaining the space needed for unerupted teeth
  • Producing facial symmetry by influencing the growth of the jaw
  • Eliminating or reducing trauma from protruding front teeth
  • Reducing the chance for tooth removal
  • Minimizing the amount of time needed for braces
  • Preventing any oral malformations

Why is it so important to treat malocclusions?

Research performed by the American Association of Orthodontists found that untreated malocclusions can give rise to many, many problems the more it is ignored. These problems include crowded teeth, difficulty brushing & flossing which can lead to gum disease, and crossbites which can result in detrimental growth and tooth wear. Another issue that many do not consider when malocclusions arise are issues involved with speech. Since the growth of the teeth and alignment of the job play a huge part in one’s ability to talk, treating dental issues can give someone the chance to truly express themselves. We at McFadden Orthodontics believe that oral care affects more than just your smile; it affects your overall health!