Adult Treatment

Contrary to popular belief, braces are for everyone regardless of age! Problems with jaw alignment and oral crowding can lead  to a variety of issues ranging from gum disease to cavities. Here at McFadden Orthodontics we treat a variety patients, both children and adults. We firmly believe that orthodontic treatment is appropriate for all ages and can help change the lives of many people. By adjusting oral alignment and symmetry, we are able to greatly improve the health of the patient by reducing the risk of tooth decay, bone & gum loss, enamel erosion, headaches, and jaw join pain (TMJ/TMD). Whether its a boost in self-esteem or increased oral hygiene, we find that no matter what your age is orthodontic care is always the right choice!

adult braces

Our practice contains a variety of highly technical procedures that not only reduce pain and discomfort but increase the satisfaction of the patient. Our techniques can reduce the number of appointments and shorten treatment times because our goal is to provide quick and quality service that serves the patient and adapts to their needs. Here at our offices, we understand that your schedule is busy so our orthodontic care aims to work with you so that you receive the best possible treatment in the most convenient fashion possible.

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